When playing at a NewZealand-online-casino , it is extremely important to make sure that the banking methods that they provide are suitable for your needs. What is very encouraging is that the online casinos are very aware of this and try to ensure a multitude of different payment options to try and satisfy all of the different needs that different customers require.


Using an E-wallet

E-Wallets have established themselves over the last decade or so as one of the more preferred method of payments within the online casino industry. It is basically a virtual wallet that you can transfer funds to and use in a multitude of different online places. There are many to choose from and specific reasons why they are so popular in the online gambling world.

The four most popular e-wallets are probably the likes of PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz. All offer similar transactions but may have differing advantages when signing up at any given point. The main advantage to using any of these is the reduced waiting times they offer when you are making any transaction using them. Everyone wants instantaneous transactions and e-wallets are the closest to it.

Card Payment Options

When playing at an online casino, millions of customers around the world use card payment as a method of deposit and withdrawing. This tends to be the most natural of payments for customers as people are used to taking their cards out to pay for most things in life nowadays, whether it be your weekly shop, a meal out with your partner or online shopping.

The selection of card options are also extremely popular and vary from county to country. Just about every online casino will accept Visa and Mastercard as a form of payment. Casinos are also allowing pay as you go cards now, debit cards which you can top up online and in banks. These are a very popular way of controlling your money when gambling.

The new world of payment methods

Since the introductions of different cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin being a prime example, more and more online casinos are trying to integrate cryptocurrencies as a form of payment on their casinos. There are also some online casinos that deal only in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies so these can be good to keep an eye on should you be interested in that side of things.

  • Depositing
  • Withdrawing

It is important to note that all transactions are not the same. There is a big difference between a deposit transaction and a withdrawal transaction. Certain casinos will only allow you to withdraw from the same method that you deposited from, other casinos may not have the payment method that you used for deposits as a valid withdrawal method so it's important to check these little things out.

The main differences between withdrawal and deposits

When depositing, whatever method of payment you are using, it tends to be an instant transaction. This is because when people want to gamble, they are not going to be best pleased with making a deposit and then having to wait days on end before they can make a wager. Withdrawals can be instant, but can also take up to 5 working days depending on the method.

There are also minimum and maximum amount rules regarding withdrawals and deposits. These are down to the casinos themselves so if you are a low player, you may not wish to sign up to a casino that has a $50 minimum deposit rile in place. Your method of payment doesn't matter on this as it tends to be across the board on all methods.

Online Casino Payment Methods Conclusion

With so many online casinos in operation, it is imperative that they offer their customers as many different options as possible or they will get left behind. the payment methods nowadays are just as important as the games selections that are available, the level of customer support that is on hand for you and the bonuses that they reward their customers with.

Technology is always improving and the payment methods that casinos offer must improve at the same rate. As it currently stands, there are thousands of online casinos available that cover the majority of payment methods so it is a very encouraging time for players now. All it leaves you to do is find the right game, sit back, put your feet up and have fun.